Ventmate™ makes doing laundry pleasant again…

Saving you time and energy!


Skydivers will definitely love Ventmate™.  They buy lots of expensive, one of a kind T- Shirts and hoodies. Ventmate™  greatly  extends their life. Some are just irreplaceable.

Snow Skiers

Snow Skiers will benefit from Ventmate™ because you can thoroughly dry all your ski gear including bibs, hats and goggles.


Ladies, allow Ventmate™ to gently dry your delicates and extend the life of your favorite pieces.


Hunters will appreciate Ventmate™ because they can dry their camo and gloves scent-free.


Motorcyclists will love Ventmate™ too since it helps preserve all those one of a kind, vintage T- shirts they so easily accumulate.

Everyday Clothes

Ventmate™ keeps all your favorite everyday clothes looking better, longer.

The Ventmate™ Clothes Dryer assembly attaches directly to your existing HVAC ceiling register.