Our new invention Ventmate™ Clothes Dryer truly saves energy and extends the life of your clothes.
It pays for itself in months.

It has worked so well for me for the last 8 years that I decided to share this wonderful product with everyone.

Click on the video below to watch a 2½ minute presentation and see just how easy it is to use Ventmate™.

An estimate of the potential U.S. consumer market based upon research would be around 35,000,000 homes have HVAC ceiling registers, all of which could use Ventmate™.


The retail price for the Ventmate™ assembly is $19.95
(Vent register is not included.)

A mere 5% of market share multiplied by $19.95 amounts to approximately $35 million in gross sales!

Ventmate™ Clothes Dryer is currently patent pending. However, licensing and other commercial opportunities are now available.

We look forward to hearing from you and exploring business opportunities.

Disclosure: Ventmate Ventures LLC makes no warranties, guarantees, or representations with respect to Ventmate, including, but not limited to, sales figures, profits, return, exclusivity, quality, merchantability, and/or fitness for any purpose.