Hi I’m Wayde; I invented Ventmate™ because the heat and abrasion from my dryer was trashing my favorite printed T- shirts and I needed a way to preserve them.

As an outdoor enthusiast, who loves long distance bicycle rides, skydiving and more, my quest for new adventures often leads to participating in “once in a lifetime events”. These events usually come with commemorative tees and other swag to take home. I wanted to wear these great pieces, but I could see what the harsh environment of my dryer was doing to them.

I needed a solution. Thus Ventmate™ was born.

My 33 years experience as a machinist/tool and die maker drove me to solve this problem. With 20+ years in Aerospace Research and Development, I knew the solution could be simple, lightweight, easy-to-use and cost-effective. When the results had my friends and family saying “why didn’t I think of that?” I knew I had something special.

The simple genius of Ventmate™ is that it allows your home HVAC system to gently dry your clothes without the damage that can occur within your dryer. Ventmate™ is great for extending the life of all my favorite clothes, and it pays for itself in just months by the energy you save.